Our Music & Arts Ministries

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Our Signature Feature

For decades, the Music & Arts Ministries at Parkview have been a signature feature of our church and worship style. Parkview provides the opportunity for people to use the gift of music and the arts to convey the gospel message. Annual Christmas and Easter services along with special patriotic services are regular events that are eagerly awaited by the community.

If you would like to join the choir, drama or liturgical dance team please contact the church office for more information.

Our Music & Arts Ministries

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Presenting The Gospel With Gifts of Music & Arts


Our music style is a beautiful blend of contemporary music and classic hymnology. Each week our worship service is supported by an impressive choir, talented instrumentalists and a creative media team which provides each service with contemporary graphics, lighting, live streaming and special effects.


One of the most powerful forms of communication is through drama. Our accomplished drama team delivers spiritual messages through theatrical performances. Performers wear elaborate costumes and expertly act out bible stories and situations to enhance the live sermons featured at our special worship services.

Liturgical Dance

Liturgical dance, also known as movement, by Parkview ladies adds beauty and a sense of worship to special services throughout the year. The presentations include details such as sign language and movement that conveys key words, concepts and messages for worship and storytelling.

The Arts

Special worship services utilize the gift of fine arts to convey scripture messages and storytelling. Arts such as onsite sculpture, painting and various bible drama art techniques are used to convey bible stories for special worship services.

Upcoming Events

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